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Development Infrastructure

Geleon has an extensive history in providing civil engineering services for residential, commercial, industrial and government developments, on time and within budget to meet our client’s requirements.

Our design team has experience in providing civil design, documentation and certification for a wide variety of projects, which partly includes; large scale subdivisions, new residential buildings, alteration/additions to existing buildings, low rise residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial warehouses, retaining wall structures, and stormwater structures.


  • Bulk earthworks design

  • Flood and stormwater studies

  • Traffic studies

  • Waste management plans and reporting

  • Infrastructure studies

  • Due diligence and planning approval processes

  • Project management

Urban Design

  •  Subdivisions

  •  Multi-unit developments

  •  Street design

  •  Site project coordination

  •  Contract administration


  • Hydrological investigation

  •  Catchment analysis

  •  Detention basins

  •  Road drainage

  •  Stormwater drainage

Water Supply

  • Water reticulation

  •  Sewerage reticulation

  •  Relocation planning and design

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