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Pavement Engineering

Geleon provides specialised pavement engineering, investigation, design and verification services in accordance with AUSTROADS, state and local government design procedures.

Our service areas encompass urban and rural road environments including highways, intersections, arterial roads, local government roads and car parking facilities.


  • Geotechnical assessment and soil testing 

  • Non-destructive pavement testing

  • Subgrade evaluation and pavement profiling

  • Pavement falling weight deflectometer (FWD) testing

Pavement Design and Verification

  • Empirical and mechanistic design of pavements using CIRCLY software

  • Pavement rehabilitation and resurfacing treatments to increase the life of the existing pavement

  • Flexible pavements consisting of unbound granular material and bound layers for light and medium duty applications

  • Flexible composite, deep strength and full depth asphalt pavements for heavy duty applications using dense graded asphalt, open graded asphalt, stone mastic asphalt and high modulus asphalt (EME2)

  • Lightly bound and rigid pavements (concrete pavements)

  • Hot in-place asphalt recycling (HIPAR) treatments

  • Subgrade treatments and improved layers for soft or expansive subgrades including lime stabilisation, geotextile wrapped granular material, Category 1 or 2 heavily bound (cemented material) and lean-mix concrete treatments

  • Plant-mixed and insitu stabilised pavements using quicklime, hydrated lime, cement and foamed bitumen

  • Design using back analysed deflection data 

Road surfacing selection and design

  • Prime and initial seals using cutback bitumen and bitumen emulsion

  • Secondary sprayed seal treatments for urban and rural environments including single/single seals, double/double seals, strain alleviating membranes (SAM), and strain alleviating membrane interlayer (SAMI) seals

  • High performance sprayed seal treatments for heavy traffic loadings including high stress seals, extreme stress seals, fibre reinforced seals and geotextile reinforced seals

  • Sprayed seal corrective treatments to address surface stripping and flushing including dry matting

  • Surface enrichment and rejuvenation treatments to extend the life of existing bitumen surfacing

  • Selection of suitable binders including conventional bitumen, multigrade bitumen, polymer modified binder (PMB), crumb rubber and bitumen emulsion

  • Selection and design of sprayed seal treatments for heavy duty applications such as access roads to quarries and mining locations

  • Selection and design of precoated cover aggregates for various sprayed seal treatments

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