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Traffic Engineering

Geleon provides traffic engineering services to developers and architects as well as local and state government agencies. 

Our team has extensive experience in the application of local and state government codes and planning policies, Australian Standards, and applicable traffic engineering guidelines ensuring that our studies are undertaken in accordance with this overarching framework while remaining cognisant of the needs, requirements and constraints of the individual project. 

Traffic Engineering

  • Existing and proposed road network assessment and design

  • Sight distance assessment

  • Vehicle swept paths

  • Car and bicycle parking assessments

  • Ingress and egress design and assessment

  • Refuse collection and site servicing assessments

  • Waste management plans and reporting

  • Traffic counts and analysis

  • Intersection design

  • Trip generation and distribution assessments

  • SIDRA modelling and intersection capacity analysis

  • Impact assessment and determination of mitigation and upgrade strategies

  • Infrastructure agreements

  • Road safety audits

  • DDA compliance

  • Traffic and transport reporting

Transport Planning

  • Strategic transport planning

  • Road route strategies

  • Corridor studies

  • Road link planning

  • Public transport assessments

Traffic Management

  • Traffic management plans

  • Traffic guidance schemes

  • Accredited Traffic Management Designers and RPEQ's

Parking Studies

  • Parking occupancy surveys

  • Parking demand

  • Parking design

  • Parking management

  • Parking policy

Active Transport

  • Planning

  • Design

  • Auditing

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