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215-217 Jefferson Lane - Palm Beach

50537 Jefferson Image.png


Quahlee Property Pty Ltd


November 2021


Palm Beach, Queensland

This engagement comprised the preparation of a Traffic and Transport Assessment (TTA) as well as a Waste Management Plan (WMP) to accompany a Development Application to the City of Gold Coast (CoGC) to establish a multi-storey residential apartment building located at 215 – 217 Jefferson Lane, Palm Beach.

The constrained site meant that car lifts were utilised rather than traditional ramps to access the basement car parking levels, ensuring adequate space was available to accommodate sufficient car parking for residents and visitors to the site.

A comprehensive TTA and WMP were prepared, with further advice and support provided to the project team throughout the Information Request phase of the application process. The application has since been approved with a development permit issued by CoGC on 18 November 2021.

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