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Beaudesert - Beenleigh Road, Roadside Signage Audit

50422 Roadside Signage Audit.png


Transport and Main Roads


July 2020


Beenleigh, Queensland

This commission involved the undertaking of a roadside signage audit of both Beaudesert - Beenleigh Road and Beenleigh Connection Road for the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR). This process is critical to achieving a road network that has standardised, consistent and credible signage to ensure safe and efficient operation of the network. This is achieved through the application of applicable standards, warrants and guidelines for the design, manufacture, installation and location of roadside signage.


Our project team inspected 1214 individual signs, sign posts and footings, and prepared a comprehensive audit report to inform TMR's sign replacement program for Beaudesert - Beenleigh Road and Beenleigh Connection Road. 

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