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Dalrymple Road Upgrade

50328 Dalrymple.png




June 2019


Mount Louisa, Townsville

Townsville City Council (TCC) had identified the need to upgrade Dalrymple Road from Thuringowa Drive to Kerb Brothers Driver in order to satisfy the increasing demand on the road network at this location. Dalrymple Road is considered a key link connecting Townsville's north western suburbs with the city centre. 

TCC engaged SMEC to undertake the detailed design of the upgrade of Dalrymple Road from a two lane formation to a median divided four lane formation, from which SMEC subsequently engaged Geleon to prepare the P90 Total Project Cost Estimate for the works in accordance with Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Project Cost Estimating Manual. 

A first principles cost estimate was prepared that determined Construction Contractor's Costs, Principal's Costs, considered Planned and Unplanned Risks, Escalation and utilised @Risk software to perform a Monte Carlo simulation and ascertain the Total Project Cost at 50 and 90-percentile likelihoods. Estimated costs were then separated into Capex and Opex cost elements in accordance with Section 8 - Work Breakdown Summaries of the Transport Infrastructure Cost Classification Guide for Recording Expenditure - Implementation Guide for the TMR Infrastructure Asset Accounting Policy and Cost Breakdown Structures. 

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