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Griffith University, Road Infrastructure Assessment

50335 GUN Transport Inf. Assessment.png


Griffith University


June 2019


Gold Coast, Nathan, Logan Campuses

Griffith University identified a need to develop a 20-year plan for future capital expenditure for the maintenance and replacement of road, pavement, stormwater drainage and carparking infrastructure across its campuses located in South-East Queensland.

Geleon were engaged by Griffith University to undertake an inspection of each campus in order to identify and record infrastructure defects, and then to determine and categorise mitigation works and to develop associated implementation costs into a short, medium and long-term expenditure program.

The assessment identified a number of road and car park pavements across each campus requiring replacement, either through a full depth pavement rehabilitation treatment or pavement resurfacing. In addition, a significant number of ancillary pavement, stormwater drainage and other road infrastructure defects were identified requiring maintenance or replacement over the 20-year program.

In total, 2,825 individual defects were identified across the three campuses, with mitigation treatment and replacement costs determined and distributed over a 20-year period to allow Griffith University to plan its expenditure over short, medium and long-term periods. 

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