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Inner Northern Busway, Asphalt Inlay

50304 Bus after (oblique).png


Department of Transport and Main Roads


June 2019


Petrie Terrace, Brisbane

Geleon were engaged by RoadTek for this project which comprised pavement investigations, as well as providing detailed design and engineering services for an asphalt inlay of the Inner Northern Busway at Countess Street. At this location, the existing pavement had badly deformed under the constant stresses associated with the operation of buses on the busway. The project was being undertaken as part of the Road Asset Management Contract (RAMC) for the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Metropolitan Region. 

Given the unusual circumstances with respect to the traffic and operations that take place at this location being the Inner Northern Busway i.e. pavement subject to different stresses from a typical road pavement, our team utilised their knowledge and experience with respect to pavements to develop multiple deep lift asphalt options for consideration. 

A preferred option utilising High Modulus Asphalt (EME2) was selected based on cost and constructability factors with construction of the pavement completed in June 2019. 

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