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Old College Road, Pavement Rehabilitation

50263 Old College 2.png


Lockeyer Valley Regional Council


July 2018


Gatton, Queensland

Geleon were commissioned by Lockyer Valley Regional Council to undertake pavement rehabilitation and stormwater drainage infrastructure improvements to an existing section of Old College Road in Gatton, Queensland. 

The existing pavement was exhibiting signs of severe fatigue, with significant crocodile and longitudinal cracking throughout, with insufficient stormwater drainage contributing to the deterioration of the pavement.

Various pavement options were assessed, before a preferred option comprising granular pavement with thin asphalt surfacing was selected. Insitu lime stabilisation of the subgrade was undertaken due to the soft subgrade which was composed of highly expansive material.

In conjunction with the pavement rehabilitation works, a piped stormwater drainage network was designed and constructed for the purposes of stormwater conveyance to assist in drainage of the pavement, helping to prevent deterioration of the pavement that can occur as a consequence of water ingress. 

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