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Student Accommodation and Food & Drink Outlet - Billinga

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Student Accommodation and Food & Drink Outlet - Bilinga


July 2020


Bilinga, Queensland

This commission comprised the preparation of a Waste Management Plan (WMP) and a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) to accompany a Development Application (DA) to the City of Gold Coast Council to establish a mixed use development located at 99 Golden Four Drive, Bilinga.

Comprising a combination of student accommodation and a food and drink outlet, a TIA report was prepared that considered the surrounding existing road network, public and active transport, car and bicycle parking requirements, site ingress and egress, site servicing and refuse arrangements, and traffic generation and distribution to the surrounding road network. In addition, a WMP was prepared that determined the waste streams and waste generating characteristics of the proposed development, sized the permanent and temporary refuse storage areas, determined the waste collection arrangements, and ascertained the timing and frequency of bin collection arrangements.  

Further advice and support was provided to the project team during the Information Request phase of the application process.

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